How to Clean Tile Floors

Most of homeowners installed ceramic tile flooring in their floors because of its durability, that’s why ceramic flooring is a popular tile flooring option for those who are just building their houses. However, ceramic tile floors get dirty like all kinds of floors do. It also needs cleaning and maintenance. Anyone can opt for tile and grout cleaning service, but there are also things you can do to clean the tile floor every day. In this article, we will be sharing with you tips on how you can do your own ceramic tile cleaning.

Clean Tile

1. Sweep and Vacuum

Sweep the floor every day, you can do the vacuuming a couple of times per week. It’s important to this so the dusts won’t turn into dirt that is difficult to clean. Grit and sand can scratch and dull the tile’s surface. After removing the dirt through sweeping or vacuuming, mop the floor. Mix a mild detergent in a bucket of warm water to be able to effectively remove the stains. Continue mopping until you see the tile floor is clean and shiny. Clean dry with dry cloth.

2. Immediately Wipe Up Stains

If something spilled in the tile floors like milk, water, coffee or anything, immediately wipe it using absorbent cloths. But if you dropped raw meat or your pet peed on the tile floor, you have to use a disinfectant or a cleanser. This is a strong chemical and it might dull the floor so be careful when cleaning the floor with it, spray only to the area where the spills are.

3. Apply Deep Cleaning Solutions

If your tile floor still looks dull and nasty even though you sweep or mop it every day, try to use stronger cleaning solutions. One of these solutions is warm water and white vinegar mixed together. The vinegar’s acidity will eventually remove the grease especially in the kitchen area. For vinegar substitute, you can use a plain rubbing alcohol.

Another effective solution is warm water and scouring powder mixed together. Spread it into the stain area using a clean cloth. Let it stay there for 10 minutes. Using a soft brush, scrub the area. Use warm water for rinsing.

4. Clean the Grout

Don’t ever underestimate the tile grout. A dirty tile grout will also make the floor look dirty. A bright looking tile grout will also make the tile look new and great. Before buying commercial cleaners, try a natural cleaning solution which is a mixture of water and soda.

You can easily do the cleaning by saturating the grout with the mixture. Let it sit in the grout for a while. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the grout. Use warm water to wash out the mixture. However, if you don’t get the result that you want you can use oxygen bleach. Just add the right amount of water based on the instructions provided and rub the solution on the dirty grout. If necessary, repeat the process. Use warm water to rinse the floor.


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Carpet Cleaners For A Better And Cleaner Looking Carpet 

Carpets can be a tough challenge to face when it comes to cleaning it because once you start it, you start to realize that normal cleaning methods just won’t do it justice. Once you’ve finished your style of cleaning a carpet you will realize that the quality is different and doesn’t feel any cleaner. There are specific ways of cleaning a carpet and hiring a professionals are the best way of assuring that your carpet gets the cleaning it deserves.

Carpet Cleaners

After attempting to clean the carpet on your own, you will realize that you spent so much time and effort for nothing. With hiring professional carpet cleaners, you can use those wasted hours doing something more productive and leave your carpet woes to the professionals. You won’t have to think so much about the safety of your carpets because you will be confident with their skill and experience towards carpet cleaning.

Hiring a professional is the easiest and simplest way to keep the cleanliness of your carpet at a high level. You won’t have to go through the hassle of moving all your furniture out of the way and then roll up your carpet to bring it outside for some cleaning. All you have to do is call for their services and try to find ways to kill time until the job is done. It can’t get any easier than that, make the most out of their services and hire one each time your carpet needs cleaning.

Carpets is an area where bacteria and pest can thrive and multiply. This is also a place where you and your family love to hang out and relax during the weekends. If you do not regularly clean your carpet, you are making yourselves vulnerable to be targets of these bacteria that can give you diseases that can be fatal to your health. Proper cleaning will be able to remove all these different kinds of bacteria to ensure your family’s safety while relaxing on your carpet.

A carpet can easily stink up your whole home if you don’t clean it at all or if you don’t clean it properly. One of the most frequent mistakes that you can make is the drying process of the carpet. It is best to sun dry and steam dry the carpet because this will remove the awful stench that comes with the dirt the lies within the carpet. Professionals can give you that new carpet smell each time they have it cleaned and it will bring you a more vibrant feel in your living room.

Your carpet also has a shelf life, and normally these things can last for many years if taken care of properly. Not being able to properly maintain a carpet will allow the fabric to dry out and create discoloration as well. If you want to make sure your carpet lives long, give it a proper cleanse by hiring professionals to do the job for you. If you want a professional carpet cleaning service today, visit them here.

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